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Fortran-write file to directory other than current

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    I am running a fortran f90 program and am writing outputs to several files,
    the thing is I would like them to be written to a specific folder to better manage outputs
    and so leaving the program directory clean.

    here's a sample write sentence:

    open(unit=3, file=val(i,1)//'_Brutes_lowV_thr_5_10_15.txt', status='replace')
    do h=1, size(pmv)
    write(3,*) YearList(h), pmv(h), lowV(h,:)

    where do I add instructions so that the file is written say in
    an output folder located on the desktop (/home/ign/desktop/output)?

    thank you in advance,
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    solved the problem!

    and to make it cleaner I declared a path

    CHARACTER*29 :: path='/home/....../output/'

    I then added path (followed by union slashes //) at the beginning of the file name

    open(unit=3, file=path//val(i,1)//'_Brutes_lowD.txt', status='unknown')
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    Thanks. this solved my problem too :)
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