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B Free fall does'nt consider weight

  1. Jul 16, 2016 #1
    Okay so first of all forgive me if I sound dumb, and forgive my english, is not my primary language.

    So I know two objects will fall at the same rate if air is excluded, so what im asumming its that free fall formula is only correct if theres no air, right?
    So im a programmer and I want to implement a little of physics, lets say a object weight 1 pound and another weights 10 pounds, I know it will fall at the same speed/rate , if theres no air? but what if i want to consider air, and weight, the heavier object from my logic will fall faster and will touch the ground faster.

    So the free fall formula is not what im looking for? what formula should i consider?
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    You should consider going through fluid mechanics... the force experienced is directly proportional to velocity.....the velocity decreases exponentially until it attains a fixed velocity known as terminal velocity....
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    You could start here:

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