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Free online antenna design software?

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    I use this for my backyard hobby (amateur) design work;


    don't know how valid it is but has always seemed to be accurate.

    does anyone know if similar downloads for designing other antenna types beside yagi's. just want to have some fun, no specific application.
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    have you actually built an antenna from the design to prove its accuracy ?
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    yeah I posted the results in a previous thread some time ago. can not say the values are verified to any calibrated standard. but I convinced myself by measuring relative gain the software is at least good - very good. the infrastructure for a calibrated test would be off the charts I would guess.
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    How did you measure that? What was your setup?
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    NEC and its variants are popular. There are free versions such as 4nec2, and some easier-to-use versions that come at a small cost ($99 for EZNEC).
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    jim hardy

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