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Frequency Response/Content/stuff

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    Im a little confused about some concepts dealing with Frequency:

    Frequency Content
    Frequency Response
    Transfer Function

    From my understanding:
    Frequency content is the content of different frequencies in a signal.
    Frequency Response is....not sure
    A transfer function tells you the output if a system to an input of a given frequency.
    Is my understanding correct?


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    Frequency Response:
    Is a function (in frequency domain) that shows how element properties (Admittance or Impedance for example), a current, a voltage or many other quantities in a circuit varies with frequency.

    Transfer Function:
    Is a function (in frequency domain) that relates between the input and the desired output in the circuit.

    You will find more in:
    William Hayt, Engineering Circuit Analysis

    I'm not sure about Frequency content.
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    OK after a little more reading i came to this conclusion:

    The frequency Response function tells you how a system treats a given frequency. Eg. the magnitude tells you how much an input signal with the given frequency is magnified by and the phase tells you how much its phase is shifted by.

    Is this correct?
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    GREAT. You are doing well.
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