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Friction Hinge Design using spring pins

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    As described in my previous post I am looking to make a foldable mechanism of an arm hinge.

    I have changed my design into the one shown in attached image.

    I plan to use spring split or coil pin to constrain radial movement in the hinge (yellow and red).
    Adding a bolt through the hinge (spring pin) and securing with a nut will constrain axial movement as well.

    The hinge should not be too tight. Over tightening may make operating it difficult and will wear the hinge (yellow and red parts) out, specially if they are made in aluminium.
    Secondly, I am trying to find pins which can tighten or loose by tightening of the through bolts. This way I can edge the hinge friction according to my needs

    Thanks in advance

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    Hello again, have you considered simply using the bolt as the hinge pin. By including a small belleville washer on the bolt you can both provide a variable clamping friction and a method of tightening as well.
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