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From Fermi to Chapman and everything in-between

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    New to PF.... The nitty gritty and some grumblings below.

    Location: From Indiana, US
    Age: Late 20s
    Background Finance/Accounting in NYC/Chi/Houston
    How I got here: Long time automotive enthusiast which grew into all things related to transportation and has since snowballed to a better understanding of efficiency through fundamental application in pursuit of perpetual motion or an attempt to come as a close as possible for personal pleasure via various applications. Also I'm a big 20th century history buff, it is my opinion but Nixon on his worst day was more dynamic of an individual than Reagan on his best day. I think the current synopsis on the works of individuals like Heisenberg and Zuse has not entirely been vetted, shared or understood for various reasons, would it change our understanding of the subjects they pioneered, probably not, but nonetheless credit where credit is due.

    Fyi... The title says Champman and since it's a relatively common last name let me clarify: Anthony Bruce Colin Chapman.

    Look forward to learning.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Be sure to read our rules, perpetual motion is a banned topic.
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    I get it... I was kidding in regards to its legitimacy as being physically attainable. I'm here to broaden my understanding of the physics concepts as it pertains to my personal hobbies.
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