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Medical From sexual sleepwalking to dying of nightmares

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    Ivan Seeking

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    i dunno, i've heard anecdotes that the hmong are considered a nuisance by some of the locals up there. gotta wonder about poisoning.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    that just says they don't know anything

    odd that the story says they don't know why they died, and doesn't mention the SCN5A gene. kinda sounds like they didn't bother to test for it, and just assumed SUNDS. makes you wonder if the tox screen was thorough, too.
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    It actually just seems like the author William Pentland, didn't really research the subject as well as he should of.
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    This was going on back when I used to live in Minneapolis (1980's) and there were stories about it in the papers. The details were that Hmong men were waking up in the middle of the night to find themselves paralyzed, unable to move, with a hideous old hag sitting on their chest attempting to suffocate them to death.

    Clearly that's classic sleep paralysis with hallucinations.

    The men were instructing their wives, the story said, to wake them once an hour during the night. Possibly the worst course of action because the more sleep deprived a person is the more prone to sleep paralysis they become.

    The interesting anecdotal contribution I have to make is that I, too, suffered four bouts of sleep paralysis when I lived in Minneapolis, and I haven't had any since I moved here, to San Diego. In my case two of the instances consisted of me waking up paralyzed, which is frightening enough, and the other two included hallucinations. The last one was incredibly frightening and realistic.

    It never occured to me till now my experiences with sleep paralysis there might be related to that area or to the Hmong (There were two Hmong employees where I worked, and I was friendly with them).
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