From the begining there was nothing and in the end

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[SOLVED] from the beginning there was nothing and in the end...

Again, the following is an extract from my writings. your comments would be greatly appreciated and I promise I won't post any more of these extracts unless asked to do so. I just feel that they may stimulate some vigourous debate. thanks

When wanting to understand the nature of reality the logical starting point is that of nothing. Not just any old nothing but absolutely nothing. No dimensions, no concepts no mass, no light, just absolutely nothing.

One has to also start to look at this subject from a viewpoint also of nothing. Not holding too strongly to conventional thinking and theories. Thus allowing for an open mind on the subject.

Through out the history of man many philosophies and physical theories have been postulated and in some cases proven even in error. Theories that seem to make sense and can be proved but provide in the end a dead end to further growth.

For example we seem to believe that atomic and subatomic theories are true because they seem to help us achieve what we want. This does not however prove the theory true but only that it works.

The truth however is much more elusive and will prove to be considerably more useable than continuing to try to use theories that have limited value.

Another example would be the theory that light travels at a determinable speed. This is generally accepted to be a fact when, as I will show here, it is in fact an error in observation and in what is actually being measured.

Travelling to the stars will never be if we believe in fact that we must actually travel. The distances are way to great for any worthwhile journeying.

Our ability to save this beautiful planet from devastation and the survival of our species is dependent on what has commonly been referred to as “the art of looking sideways”. Lateral thinking and not accepting an answer to a question until it has been fully answered. Maintaining a scientific objectivity and creativity allows us to explore the universe fully and not confined by any close-mindedness or pre-conceptions.

Let us begin.

Consider the nature of time.

We know of the past. We know that it has existed. We are unsure of how long the past is. We also know of the future and again we are unsure of how long that may be. The only time we can exist in is now and only now, no matter what year, hour or minute that may be. Our only existence is a continuingly evolving now.

This may sound a bit philosophical but in fact I am describing what the scientist refer to as the time continuum. The entire universe exists only in the Now.

So let us now consider the universes beginnings.

As we have learned the Now is all there is. So therefore the universe came to be at some point in the now. There was no beginning in the past and there will not be an end in the future. If the universe ends then, again, it will end at some point in the Now.

I think the simplest way of describing what I am saying is that the universe was created eternal both past and future in the Now. Therefore it has no beginning or end. The Now a billion years ago is only a point in an infinite eternity and in this context is not actually the past but really a point in the Now.

When people draw a diagram they show a time line that has both past present and future displayed. This is misleading in that a better way of describing time in schematic would be to simply draw a dot and think of it as a line that is pointing at you and call this dot “the Now”

When you look around you or look to the stars you are seeing the Now not the past or the future but the Now. But as we have said the now is both past and future so you are also seeing these in the Now.

When you look at a building you see it now but you know it has a past. You also have a good idea of it’s future. So what you are seeing in the Now is also the past. The same can be said when looking at the universe. You see the past but of course, only in the Now.

In scientific terms this can be demonstrated by taking two magnets that are poled so as to attract. Both magnets are changing continuously as you the observer are also. Both magnets are in a continuum of changes, and at all times they are in the Now. Both magnets are impacted on by the other. Both hold a memory of change as they both share a similar past. Take one of the magnets and consider it in isolation. What do you see when you look at the magnet. You see a magnet that has recently been in close contact with another you see a magnet that is different now to what it was. It has changed and so have you. As you watch the magnet and ponder this the magnet is and in fact so to is the other magnet continuing to change and so the Now continues eternally evolving.

What is Nothing?

The important thing to understand is that in absolute terms everything is in a relationship with everything infinitely changing in a eternally evolving Now.

Everything is determined by everything. Absolute Nothingness can only exist if this is the case. The concept of Nothingness can only be understood as absolute if one accepts that everything is determined by everything and that therefore everything is in a relationship with everything.

When we look to the stars we see them suspended there slowly moving along their paths. All suspended by their gravitational interactions. Even here on Earth we are subtly affected by these gravitational interactions. This alone states quite clearly the above premise of everything in a relationship with everything. The magnet you were looking at before is in a relationship with a star on the other side of the universe. Incredibly small but definitely true.

If one assumes that the universe is finite then the universe exists with all its gravity and attractions etc. in a sea of nothingness. If one assumes that the universe is infinite in size then Nothing exists also and in fact as will be later discussed nothingness is essential for all of this magnificence to exist at all.

Making something out of nothing.

So as we have discussed in the Now there is a point of Nothingness. Some may call it unconsciousness or sleep. This point of nothing is in fact the centre of time. (This will be more fully discussed in a later chapter)

So the question is how was the universe created from nothing? The problem with this question is that it implies that Nothing existed before something existed and as discussed earlier this is an incorrect perception. Nothing continues to exist neither before or after but only now. The universe is constantly in a state of creation in the Now. Remember! The continuum is a constantly evolving Now.

When you wake up from a sleep you know you are awake because you become aware of yourself and your surroundings. This surprising enough describes the act of nothing becoming something. Of course even as you sleep you are something yet you are nothing at the same time.

The universe is no different.

Assume that the universe is teeming with life. Approximately half of which is awake and conscious and the other half asleep and unconscious. So for half the universe’s life the universe doe not exist and for the other half it does...

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Originally posted by scott_sieger
Another example would be the theory that light travels at a determinable speed. This is generally accepted to be a fact when, as I will show here, it is in fact an error in observation and in what is actually being measured.
I must admit I only skimmed it, but this jumped out on me. I didn't see anywhere any evidence of that. If you could explain...
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please refer

If there are questions about my reasoning on the nature of light please refer to another posting...The nature of light by this author
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This is a very different view than usual, I have also unknowingly made the assumption that there was nothing before something and this could be false, you seem to look outward or holistically much more than most people and that is a good thing but one has to look at the details very carefully as well in order to give the big picture some clarity, most people get bogged down in the details like with math.
I would think that the now is the only thing that really exists and only the influences of the past remain but are uncertain as is the future, like if we could not remember things then the now would be all that matters. I don't see your disproof of the set speed of light, but I agree that it's possible things may move faster than light only so few things do and what would they look like to us if they did?

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