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Fundamentals of Electronics sites

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    hi! we are currently taking up our Fundamentals of Electronics subject
    and i just want to ask you guys if you know some websites that would help me understand more the Fundamentals of Electronics.

    Is there any tutorial site that you can suggest to a newbie like me? Right now we're on our Clippers and Clampers topic so it would be much better if that site includes those topics. thanks a bunch! :smile:
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    E.E. Tutorial Site - EE HomePage.com

    I maintain a site at http://www.eehomepage.com which is targeted at practicing engineers, educators and students. It's got reference materials at levels from 1st year university to graduate level. You might start with the "References" page. Sort by "type" to break things down into books, tutorials, web-sites, etc. There is also a keyword-based index that I find useful. You might checkout the "all About Circuits" Web-site listed on the references page.

    I'd be interested to get your feedback once you've tried the site. Click on the "Contact Us" button on any of the pages to reach me.
    Best regards,
    Mike Stanley
    EE HomePage.com
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    If you are into books I know Berkeman always recommends "The Art of Electronics". I havn't read it myself yet, but I have ordered it because of how often he talks about it :p
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