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Homework Help: Funny email received with Physics PE problem

  1. Nov 1, 2009 #1

    I recently got a "joke" email with this problem in it.
    The student drew an elephant in the middle of the ramp & answered "b" with: No, there is an elephant in the way.
    It is relevant to my current studies, so I worked it out and would like to know if I am correct.
    Please see attachment.

    My answer for "a" is x=1.69m and for "b," Yes, and it will reach 5m again, because the ramp is frictionless.
    Are my answers correct or did I miss something?

    Enjoy the humorous j-peg.

    Thank you,

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    Hello Lynn! :wink:

    Yes, your answers are fine. :smile:

    (but how did your student manage to sneak the elephant past the elephant-detectors into the exam room? :confused:)
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