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Classical Further reading after Theoretical Minimum

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    I've just finished secondary school and am keen to learn some physics before going on to college. As part of this I've just finished reading 'The Theoretical Minimum' by Leonhard Susskind and George Hrabovsky. The book was a really helpful introduction to classical physics and the maths involved. My question is what good books are there to follow on from this without being too difficult for a beginner? I know that there is a follow on for this book about Quantum Mechanics but I don't want to move on to anything like this before in have a better understanding of classical physics.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    If you are looking to have a very good conceptual grasp I recommend Feynman Lectures on Physics.It doesn't involve too much maths and explains things in a way that really makes you want to know more about the subject.
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    The theoretical minimum has given you the abstract point of view of theoretical physics. Instead of deepening this, you could also pursue the complementary approach which puts more emphasis on intuition and the experimental side of physics. A nice book for this is "Thinking Physics" by Lewis Carrol Epstein.
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