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Quantum Theoretical Physics course textbooks

  1. Dec 26, 2016 #1
    Hello, I will be attending an undergraduate course called "Theoretical Physics" and I want to borrow some books from the library that cover the material of this course. I would appreciate any suggestions.
    The syllabus of the course is the following(I will be translating so I am sorry If something is not translated correctly):

    1) Symmetries:
    -Physical consequences
    -Symmetries of Classical Mechanics
    -Symmetries of Quantum Mechanics
    -Heisenberg Equations.

    2) Classical Fields:
    -Gauge Symmetry
    -Action functional of the electromagnetic field
    -Energy-momentum tensor

    3) Relativistic Quantum Mechanics:
    -Klein-Gordon equation
    -Dirac Equation
    -Second quantization

    4) Scattering Theory:
    -Green functions
    -Asymptotic states
    -Scattering in potentials

    5) Functional Integrals(Feynman):
    -Classical Action
    -Path integral formulation of Quantum Mechanics
    -Propagator of free particle
    -Body in electromagnetic field
    -Numerical Analysis

    Lastly, the syllabus states that the books "Modern Quantum Mechanics" by Sakurai and "Quantum Mechanics and Path Integrals" by Feynman and Hibbs would be helpful, although just by looking at the syllabus I think that these arenot enough.
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    Have you asked the course instructor?

  4. Dec 26, 2016 #3
    Unfortunately, he is not available at the moment..
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