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G force FX 5200 PCI + XP = ACK!

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    ello all,
    i just bought a g force fx 5200 on pci ( i know its not top of the line but itll serve my needs) but i cant seem to get it to run. on boot up the monitor light goes orange (Suspended mode screen goes black) im using a M7VKQ by biostar as a mobo and im running windows xp service pack 1 as an os. on a few other forums they sugested disabeling the onboard vga but in bios i only got a option to switch between the defaults (onboard or PCI). this allows me to use the new card in dos and in the bios but when the os comes up the simptoms return. ive also tried uninstalling the onboard but its the same all thing.

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    Before you disable the onboard, change the driver to "default vga". It sounds like its trying to boot with the old drivers for the new card.
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    Try booting in safe mode. If it doesn't boot in safe mode, it's a hardware problem. If it does boot in safe mode, uninstall the drivers for the previous card, and install new drivers.
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