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Game theory forum?

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    I didn't see a forum for Game theory discussions on this site.

    I wonder whether the PF Mentors would be interested in creating such a forum

    Thank you.
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    Good idea, since it governs the behavior of humans and animals.
    It's strategy quantified.
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    New subforums are not created because someone has an idea, but when it is apparent from the discussions in other forums that there is a place for such subforum and there is enough threads to separate them. Otherwise we would have tons of empty subforums.
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    On subject that is always useful and related to Game Theory is decision making in the face of uncertainty.
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    Game theory would fit best within the math forums for now, unless you want to discuss a specific application of it that better fits within someplace like social sciences or biology.
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    Just post in math or social sciences... :zzz:
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