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Gas pressure regulator model in Simscape

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    I want to develop a pressure regulator model in simscape. The model will be the springloaded direct acting system and the aim is to target outlet pressure, temperature and flow rate by giving input parameters as pressure, temperature, spring stiffness, length and preload, lever(it is fixed at a pivot and will make an angle while opening and closing) diaphragm surface area, stroke, inlet, and outlet flow diameters. I have tried to model using the simscape modules but I am encountering the problems. could anyone help me please regarding this problem?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Andrew Mason

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    Hi NarsimhaReddy. Welcome to PF!

    It is pretty hard to help you with your problem without knowing what your problem is. You are not asking us to design it for you, I hope. You need to tell us where you are having trouble.

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