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General Chemistry: by Linus Paulings?

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    I've been promulgating my knowledge of chemistry from this book. I'm 16 and am wondering if this book will give me a high school level understandings of chemistry.
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    I have a copy of Linus Pauling's General Chemistry in my house (3rd edition). It is far beyond "high school level understanding of chemistry". The book assumes that you know a good amount of calculus and physics, so even some of the general chemistry students at colleges might consider this text to be difficult, even the book is targeted for those students.

    So if you'd like to take a challenge, go for it. But if all you need is to understand high school chemistry, this is bit of an overdose.
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    Pauling might be a bit much for you.

    Zumdahl is good for an AP level. It might be a bit confusing if you've never taken Chem, but if you're up for the challenge then more power to you. It also serves as a good reference book.

    Otherwise super quick reading and little money, go to your local Barnes and Noble and grab one of those Spark Charts. It saved my arse in my high school chem class.
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