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  1. sams

    I Dimensions of Angular and Radial Nodes

    Radial and angular nodes are simply a region where the wavefunction is zero. But speaking about their dimensions, do they have any thickness or are they just an infinitesimal point in space without dimensions? Thanks a lot!
  2. A

    Thermochemistry & Gases in Electrical Engineering?

    I'm a first year electrical engineering student and in my General Chemistry class, every other week, we're required to write a paragraph about how each weeks material relates to your future career. As I am in electrical engineering, I don't see much relation to any topic. This week is...
  3. A

    Chemistry The Best Chemistry Textbook

    What is the best chemistry textbook for highschool/college/introductory course in university? There are lots of books, such as; Atkins, Peter, Loretta Jones and Leroy Laverman. Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight. W. H. Freeman and Company Brady, James E., and Fred Senese. Chemistry...