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Chemistry Chemistry textbook for physics majors?

  1. Jan 15, 2016 #1
    I've only had a single semester of general chemistry but am in my third year of physics and will be taking general chemistry II this upcoming semester.

    In addition to the assigned text (Chemistry: A Molecular Approach, Tro) what I'm wondering is whether there are any textbooks that treat the ideas of chemistry as results obtained from physics at a difficulty level appropriate for someone who's had junior and senior level physics courses. Basically something that presents chemistry as an extension of physics.
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    That is the book I used for general chemistry, if you want a physics type treatment you should hit up a physical chemistry book.
    If you want a more in depth math approach to the acid base type stuff an analytical chemistry book would work. Although I don't know how far you would get without mastering it at a gen chem level. I loved kinetics, thermo, and intermolecular forces, I hated acid base/equilibrium problems.
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    Either "Principles of Modern Chemistry" by Oxtoby or "Chemical Principles" by Atkins will be a great textbook that serves your need. Both books are physical-chemistry-oriented gen.chem. books that are heavy on both physics and mathematics.
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    Dr Transport

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    Why over think it.... take it for what it is, a freshman course and have a course where you can most likely get an easy A without too much work.
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