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General Chemistry for Beginners

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm looking to get into Chemistry. I took a general chemistry course in high school which I apprecciated very much but that was years ago. I would like to start off with the basics and then advance into different fields of chemistry. Are there any exquisite books on chemistry for beginners (that's not a high school AP review book) that any of you can especially reccommend me?

    Thanks again :-)
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    Fundamentals of chemistry by David Goldberg seems to be a good book. They use it to teach an intro chem course for chem process majors

    Intro chem by Charles Corwin is okay too. Once you get up to the higher levels, Chemistry by Silberberg is great for a second level in all areas.
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    I would hardly recommend you a general chemistry introductory course book:

    University Chemistry : Bruce H. Mahan : ISBN 9780201058338
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