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General Relativity

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    I was researching the theory of general relativity, but I couldn't find material that I could understand. I'm looking for a good explanation around high school level. Could anyone help me out?
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    Go through the links in this page - http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/relativity.html [Broken] - I think popular science sites and web tutorials are the ones that'll help you the most. Also check out further reading for "reviews" of books on relativity at all levels.
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    Are you looking to just get the basic concepts or to actually be able to do some calculations?

    You need a lot of mathematics under your belt like differential equations, vector calculus, linear algebra, tensor calculus and special relativity (and differential geometry wouldn't hurt either!) before you can get into the 'meat' of GR. Most universities consider GR a 3rd or even 4th year course (at least here in the UK they do).

    If you're after just a qualative description, plenty of popular science books cover it. Hawking's books are pretty good for beginners :)
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    There aren't very many at high school level. Geroch's "General Relativity from A to B" comes to mind. (I've got to get it back to the library tomorrow...).
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    Relativity; The Special and General Theory, Albert Einstein. Three Rivers Press

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