Geomagnetic propulsion

  1. It has long been theorized that UFOs are able to attain such incredible speed and maneuvering by causing a repulsive force on the earth's geomagnetic field. Magnetohydrodynamics proves that a vehicle can use magnetism to propel itself without any external man-made assistance (such as in bullet trains). Two questions then:

    What is the feasibility of the hypothesis that UFOs exert a repulsive force on the geomagnetic field as a form of propulsion?

    Is there any way an observer would be able to detect this?

    Thank you very much in advance for your time.
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  3. Question 1.) Roughly zero.

    Question 2.) We would have a lot of Arctic explorers lost somewhere in Brazil?
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    Magnetohydrodynamics use magnetic repulsion to propel matter (water, usually) in one direction. This matter has mass, which accelerates out the back of the vehicle, and the vehicle moves forward in reaction to that mass shooting out the back. Without pushing some large amount of mass at some high velocity out the back of the vehicle, UFO's would be left with only the force of the magnetic field itself. This force is so week that compass needles need to sit on extremely low-friction pivots to work.

    If aliens have developed (or if furure humans ever do develope) technology sufficient to make this small amount of magnetic potential a usable propulsion system, then they will have already gone far beyond the need for it, having developed technology capable of something far better.

    Personally, I don't even believe in UFO's (not as alien spacecraft, anyway). But if they do exist, you can bet that the propulsion they use is something we don't even have enough knowledge to guess at.
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    The earth's magnetic field is extremely weak. It can barely propel a compass needle.
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    I suggest looking at it this way: if Earth's magnetic field was strong enough to propel a spacecraft, fridge magnets all over the planet would be leaping into space constantly.

    I agree with Lurch in his summation. I definitely believe in UFO's, simply because of the definition. Of course there are unidentified flying objects. There's almost zero probability of them being extraterrestrial vehicles.
  7. Tks for the replies, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    I agree that the definition of UFO pretty much explains the phenomenon, Unidentified Flying Object. Wether it's alien or human, we'll have to wait for proof of either.
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    Yeah, my father didn't believe in UFO's at all. He was certain that, whatever people were seeing in the skies, someone somewhere knows what they are.

    Not an unreasonable position, I geuss. Especially if you count the aliens among those "someone somewhere."
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