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Geometry with hyperbolic functions

  1. May 17, 2014 #1
    Is known that in every rectangle triangle the following relationships are true:


    But, how use geometrically the function sinh, cosh, and tanh?
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    Study hyperbolic geometry
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    But I still don't understood how the hyperbolic functions help me to solve geometric problems.
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    Why do you expect that they do?
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    Hyperbolic functions appears in hyperbolic and elliptic coordinate system, but I don't understand the geometric deduction for these formulas.
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    OK. Which formulas don't you understand the deduction of? What is the deduction and what don't you understand about them?
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    This last one was said best.

    Trigonometry is Geometry based on a unit circle.
    Hyperbolic sines and cosines are based on the unit hyperbola.
    Study the hyperbola and the exponential and logarithmic functions based on the Euler number base.
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    I already studied and I continue don't understand how use it
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