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Get rid of excess volts/current

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    I have my gate hooked up to my phone. The problem i have is the phone always has an extra current of 0.01V and that activates the gate. I need to get rid of that current on the wire before it reaches the activator for the gate when the phone rings.
    So when the phone rings the gate opens. How do i get rid of that extra 0.01v or current

    Thank you in advance
    cheers ;-)

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    0.01V is voltage, not current!!! What is gate? Is it the gate of a JFET or MOSFET. If it is one of those transistor, just change to one with higher turn on voltage!!! If you are not referring to a transistor, then I don't even know what you are talking about.

    Ringing voltage is quite, you can always put a voltage divider in front of what ever gate you are talking about. A divide by 5 divider will change the voltage to 0.002V. When the ring is on, it should be in volts( I don't remember anymore), so even with a divide by 5, you still get over a volt.
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