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Getting ahead in Maths and Physics

  1. Mar 23, 2015 #1
    I spent most of my MS/9th grade year failing Math and Science classes, I thought I was the worst at those subjects. However during the 10th grade I figured out that I actually love Math and Physics, so I started reading, and studying, and before I knew it, I was plowing through Calc and Physics Textbooks and helping my girlfriend (Who is in AP Calculus at the time) with her homework, but I am still in HS Geometry, and that I find that class very boring. Is it possible for me to jump up to PreCalc/Calc next year? or is it too late for me to get ahead in math.

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    You could instead try to get a deeper understanding of the subjects you are in already. Maybe look into if your school have a math Olympiad team and you will find enjoyment in solving hard problems from those.

    Thread should be in the academic advice subforum also I believe.
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