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Getting energy from earths rotation with a giant powerball nailed to the ground

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    if you spin a powerball in the shape of a cone it will reach 13000 rpm

    the idea is to nail a giant powerball to the ground at latitude 45º so it describes a cone and steal little by little earths angular momentum to generate energy

    do you think this is viable?
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    i think it was tesla who research on this idea of getting energy from earths momentum
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    I'm not sure what a power ball is, but if it were possible to do this, we would reach a state where the earth is no longer rotating. I'm pretty sure this would have a catastrophic effect on life on earth.
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    jpr0: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerball_(toy [Broken])

    giordno brono: No. Read the Wik link.

    edit: I just noticed that you don't accept Newtonian physics's explanation of gyroscopic motion. Discussion along these lines will go nowhere until you accept physics. There isn't anything we can do to help you with that.
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