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Getting even in subtle and not so subtle ways

  1. Feb 14, 2005 #1
    Yesterday I decided to get my hair cut. Being a naturally good looking guy I don't see the need to pay a lot for a hair cut. So I went to Cost Cutters. The manager of the store was the guy who got to cut my hair. He started in with the same lame conversations they always do, but I had a question. I asked him if this job was a stepping stone into getting his own salon. He said no why? and I said Who wants to manage a Cost Cutters for the rest of their life.
    He got offended. The next cut with the scissors came with a neat flick of the wrist that ripped about 50 hairs out of my head. then he blew in my face with the hair dryer and didn't even comb my hair when he was done.
    Note to self, watch mouth.
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    Note to trib, cut your own hair.
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    Our to avoid any damage,DON'T...

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    BAD idea!!! He might poke out an eye or cut off an ear!

    On the upside, tribdog, at least you only had him cutting your hair and weren't getting a shave when you insulted him. That's what you get for going to a hair stylist instead of a proper barber! :rofl: BTW, do barbers even exist anymore?
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    for all we know, this might have been just a nervous gentleman who couldn't resist those good looks of yours and couldn't control himself around you.

    for all we know.

    i said something like that to a waiter one time. i'm sure that there was a loogy in my food.
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    If it's a hot waiter, that would be a good thing right?
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    Tribdog? His own hair? Call the fire department? Or, maybe he should work on the carpet some more --- then his girlfriend can do it for him --- a new styling fad, "The Bernzomatic Afro!"
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Yeah, trib is still the only known person to have ever melted carpet with a soda boda thawed with a MAPP torch.
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