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Getting the capacitance in combination of parallel and series

  1. Jul 23, 2012 #1
    the given is 3mF is parallel to
    11mF and 9mF in series connection and it is also parallel to
    12mf and 6mf series connection
    my answer to this is 1.17*10^-5 is this correct
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    You can't go wrong if you tackle it in the right order. First, the two series Cs (12 and 6) are easy to reduce (the reciprocal sum thing), then you have three in parallel, which you can add up. Then include the final series C.
    Doing it in my head, I don't get the same result as you do- but you need to have done it in the right order!
    Remember that two Cs in series always have an equivalent value less than the smaller one (as a check) so the final answer MUST be less than 9mF (μF or uF?)
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