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Giant Crystal Cave Comes to Light

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    Awesome Patty, thanks for sharing
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    Wow! I'd like to stumble onto a tourmaline pocket like that.
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    That was great hypatia, thanks! I don't think I'll visit, they've cooled the cave down to 122 F from 136F. The crystals need the high temps to survive.
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    But Evo, we could use the sisterhood coolant suits!!!!!
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    The new bulletproof coolant suits are deafeningly loud in operation and can only be used in conjunction with the cone of silence. Hardly a portable set-up.

    Darned compressors! I'll try to find quieter ones that don't weight 50# each.
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    Wow, just goes to show the importance of scale in these pictures, if that man wasn't there I'd think I were looking down a microscope. Or maybe that man is a really small midget.
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