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Glad to be a member here at Physics Forums

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    I've been interested in Physics since high school back in the mid-70's. Always did pretty good in class along with one of my friends and had interesting conversations with Professor McNeil who was the teacher.

    Some of my observations would be posted on a caulkboard in the front of the class where they remained throughout the year, and I was proud and humbled to see that happen.

    Designed a geodesic dome of "infinite curvature" similar to the hub and strut designs of R. Buckminster Fuller. Also designed hub and strut domes the tessellate or truly fit together using dihedral angles at the edges of the triangles in the dome. My website on GeoArch Domes: http://rayljraz.tripod.com/

    I visit a lot of sites on science and physics as well as watch most all the shows on tv about it.

    Glad to be a member here at Physics Forums and look forward to some interesting discussions. :)
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    Welcome to PF!
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