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Homework Help: Gnuplot problems (maybe wrong category)

  1. Sep 28, 2010 #1
    Hey, this might be the wrong place to ask this question but I have a few problems using gnuplot. The problem is that when using the epslatex terminal my labels on the axis dissapears.

    This is the code I am using
    Code (Text):

    set terminal latex or epslatex color or wxt
    set output "psifunc.tex"
    h = 1.054571628E-34
    psi(x) = 1/((pi*h)**(1.0/4.0))*exp(-1/(2*h)*x**2)
    set title ''
    set format xy '$%g$'
    set ylabel 'Sannolikhetstathet'
    set xlabel '$A$'
    set xrange [-4*sqrt(h/2):4*sqrt(h/2)]
    set xtics ('$-4\sqrt{\frac{\hbar}{2}}$' -4*sqrt(h/2),\
         '$-2\sqrt{\frac{\hbar}{2}}$' -2*sqrt(h/2),\
         '0' 0,\
         '$2\sqrt{\frac{\hbar}{2}}$' 2*sqrt(h/2),\
         '$4\sqrt{\frac{\hbar}{2}}$' 4*sqrt(h/2)) nomirror
    plot psi(x)**2 title '$|\psi_1(A)|^2$'
    unset output
    And here are the results:

    Don't really know why it is not working. It seems to work fine in the other terminals.
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    Perhaps try using epslatex, or gnuplot epslatex. If you figure out what is causing the problem, it would be great if you let us know how you fixed it.
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    I figured it out but it is almost too embarrasing to say what I did wrong..

    There was nothing wrong with my gnuplot code. The problem was I was only looking at the freaking .dvi file. What you need to do is run .dvi --> .ps and then watch the .ps file and everything will work.

    Here are the graphs when I got it to work:

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