What is Gnuplot: Definition and 50 Discussions

gnuplot is a command-line and GUI program that can generate two- and three-dimensional plots of functions, data, and data fits. The program runs on all major computers and operating systems (Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, macOS, FreeDOS, and many others).
It is a program with a fairly long history, dating back to 1986. Despite its name, this software is not part of the GNU Project.

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  1. dRic2

    GNUplot -- how to improve image definition?

    Hi, I am used to plot data with the GNUplot software. This time I need to add an image to my plot. I did with the following line 'my_image.png' binary filetype=png center=(3.25,-9.1) dx=0.007 dy=0.0125 w rgbimage notitle but the final resolution of the picture is pretty bad compared to the...
  2. Abhisheko07

    Maple GNUPLOT 'file1.dat 2nd column' vs 'file2.dat 1st column'

    How can I plot 'file1.dat 2nd column' vs 'file2.dat 1st column' in Gnuplot? If someone can help me with what code I need to write to do it, it will be very helpful.
  3. B

    How to format x axis to a smaller scale in Gnuplot?

    So here is what I'm trying to do. The values on x-axis are from 10000, 20000, 30000, ... 100000. I'm trying to write it like this: 10, 20, 30, 40, ... 100 (only x axis) But how do I do this? I've tried those two examples How to scale the axis in Gnuplot, How to scale the axes in Gnuplot but...
  4. Telemachus

    Functions of two variables evolving in time with gnuplot

    Hi there. I am making some numerical tests, and printing the results in a data file. The data file contains the Cartesian coordinates, and the function to be plotted at the x,y point for each time t in columns: x,y,f(x,y). I could add a fourth column for the time step, or equally print each time...
  5. X

    I Percentiles and quartiles in the same graph

    I don't know where to put this question. So, I am trying in this forum. I have this dataset [1] that contains the duration of an execution with an input size from 1.5GB to 6GB. This dataset also contains the percentile 5%, 95%, and the 1st and 3rd quartile. I am thinking in creating a gnuplot...
  6. rolotomassi

    Plot 0s & 1s Matrix in GNUplot: Solve "No Usable Data" Error

    I have a .txt file which is 50 rows x 50 columns filled with entirely 0's and 1's. I have tried to plot the data with and without spaces between each column. I keep getting this message: gnuplot> splot 'C:\Users\raf\Desktop\PolymerProject\monte carlo code\directionInitial.txt' with pm3d...
  7. B

    How To Download Gnuplot For Windows?

    Which one to download (the installer) of below link of Gnuplot for Windows? http://www.gnuplot.info/download.html Does Gnuplot is a stand-alone program or do I need Latex to get Gnuplot to work?
  8. B

    Learn How to Make a Math Graph with Gnuplot: Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Can someone please show me a tutorial of how to make a math graph such as ##y = x^2## using Gnuplot?
  9. D

    Gnuplot: How to plot a 2d colorplot of a 3d function

    Hello, I have a data file created by an C++ Programm which creates the lines of the data file by an operation inside an loop data3dRnd << gsl_vector_get(x,0) << ' ' << gsl_vector_get(x,1) << ' ' << my_f(x,par) << endl << endl; where the entries of the gsl_vector x are doubles and...
  10. S

    Gnuplot: reflexion of a graph in a quadrant to the other

    Hello everyone, I have generated a graph in one quadrant and i need to generate the reflexion of it in the other quadrants. I need to generate a graph like the one found in (http://arxiv.org/pdf/astro-ph/0103143v1.pdf) figure 2. The figure below show the graph i have i one quadrant...
  11. S

    A light-cone diagram in Gnuplot

    Hello, If you visit this link (http://maia.ice.cat/cosmocomp/bcn_workshop/woodward.pdf ) you will see in page 3 a light-cone diagram! How is it possible to generate it in GNUPLOT? Note: i have a "data.file" with points and the columms are: 1) z (redshift) 2)Right ascension (RA)...
  12. S

    Gnuplot: x squared minimization method

    Hello, I am using the x squared minimization method to compute two parametres in a function let's say (A,B) which correspondes to the minimum value of x^2. Now if i want to make a contour plot of A,B (A=x axis and B=y axis) for the values of x^2-x^2_(minimum)=1σ=2.3 what is the proper way...
  13. B

    How Can I Show the Velocity Profile Gradient in a 2-D Plot Using GNUplot?

    Homework Statement I have written a program that desribes seismic wave propagation in a medium that has been given a specific velocity profile equation. The velocity at a specific x and z co-ordinate of the ray path is defined by this particular equation, and of course the velocity will vary...
  14. S

    How can I plot data points and a function with different x ranges in gnuplot?

    Hello, How can i plot some data points in gnuplot and in the same plot a function, for example f(x)=0.2*x**(-0.6) plot [0:6] "data.dat" with errorbars, [0:2] f(x)
  15. S

    Ploting graph with gnuplot: manually determine x axis

    Hi there, It's the first time I am using gnuplot to plot a graph and I watched all sorts of tutorials and advices on google but I just can't find a good solution! Let me try to explain what the problem is... The experiment: I have a microphone and a speaker in closed box. The speaker is...
  16. A

    Gnuplot in Polar Coordinates

    I am brand new to Gnuplot and am having a problem trying to figure out how to graph in Polar Coordinates for a school assignment. What bothers me is we didn't go over other coordinate systems like Polar or Parametric at all for Gnuplot, and the internet tutorials I find seem to assume some basic...
  17. R

    How do I plot this periodic step function with GNUplot?

    \sum_{k=0}^{∞} (t-2k) [u(t-2k)-u(t-2(k+1))] = f(t) where u is the step function and the graph of this is supposed to be 45 degree lines repeating to infinity. Sort of like / / / / / / / / / ad infinitum. I took this equation out of this lecture note on page 10. Fig 5.4 is supposedly the graph...
  18. P

    Gnuplot: getting functions to talk to titles and saveing parameters to a file.

    Hi. I am doing a PhD atm and I have decided to take the plunge with gnuplot. I have fitted some data to an equation h(t)=ho+a(t-to)^b+kt, with a, to, b and k being fitting constants (empirical formulae describing creep behaviour of a compressed material with time). Does anybody know how I...
  19. A

    Calculating Error for Function of Fit Parameters in GNUplot

    Homework Statement Given is a set of measurements with their respective errors for example an energy spectrum. In gnuplot one is to fit a function f(x;\{p_i\}) depending on a variable x and on fit parameters p_i. When the fit is done one gets values for the p_i with errors and a correlation...
  20. S

    Gnuplot Density Mapping: Tips and Tricks for Efficient Data Plotting

    Hi all, I used below bash command to plot my data (.dat file) #!/bin/bash ( echo 'set term jpeg' echo 'set style data lines' echo 'set yrange [0:200]' echo 'set xrange[0:200]' echo 'set pm3d map' echo 'set palette defined (-2 "yellow", 0 "green", 2 "red")'for f in "$@" do # echo "Processing...
  21. P

    Gnuplot: Plotting 3D Points with splot Command

    Hello all, I am having an issue with the splot command in gnuplot. The format of the data I am trying to plot is shown below: 3.09411 71.75663 -2.17624 3.09238 67.64099 -1.94456 3.10106 73.70542 -2.85122 3.09494 75.71568 -3.49932 3.09846 75.29150 -1.14593 My...
  22. M

    LaTeX Gnuplot: ylabels + ytics + LaTeX causes too much whitespace

    I'm hoping someone can help me with the following problem. I have a .p file for generating a .eps file using gnuplot. I want both the y-axis label and the y-axis tics to be formatted using LaTeX. Getting this done is no problem. The problem I am having is that having both of these options...
  23. B

    Simple probability distribution function on gnuplot

    Hi, I am trying to plot a graph I have made using excel on gnuplot. I have converted the excel book to a csv file and the data I have looks like this 0,0.166341305 1,0.000000159 2,0.000000159 3,0.000000159 4,0.000000159 5,0.000000159 ... and so on for 2048 different points. The data...
  24. H

    How to Create a 2-D Contour Plot with Labels Using Gnuplot?

    Hello with gnuplot I need to have 2d contour plot from a file (say ss.dat) with three column, first and secend columns are X and Y respectively and the third column is magnitude (I need to have this magnitude with labels on it in 2d plot). Thanks in advance Hamid
  25. D

    Changing border size in gnuplot

    I would like the frame in a gnuplot plot to be slightly larger than the range of x and y. For those who know e.g. SAS, there it can be specified with "offset" in the axis statement. Is there something similar in gnuplot? (Obviously it would be possible to restrict the range of the function...
  26. D

    LaTeX Quality graph with gnuplot and latex

    I want to include graphics in a latex document, so I used various terminal (png, jpg) in gnuplot but when I include in latex, the result it isn't very good...i would coloured graph , so which terminal i can use? what pagkage i have to include in tex file? Thanks for helpers
  27. M

    LaTeX GNUPlot generated EPS figure in latex

    Dear Forum I would like to establish a workflow of how to include .eps graphics generated with gnuplot into Latex documents and it would be great if other could contribute to this. At the moment its like this. I plot some data with gnuplot and save it to a .eps file. However, the "white-space"...
  28. E

    Help with Plotting/Saving in Gnuplot

    Homework Statement Download the file xxx.dat. Create a gnuplot "macro" lab03.gpl which, when loaded by gnuplot will do the following: - create an output postscript file lab03.ps - make a plot of the contents of xxx.dat, for x-axis (column 1) values between -0.5 and 3.5 and y-axis (column...
  29. A

    Issues in gnuplot: pm3d and dgrid3d

    Dear All, I am using gnuplot to make plots from data files generated using a fortran program. Those data files are basically big lists of 3d coordinates, just like like (not my real data, just an example): 10.0 1.00 0.01 20.0 1.00 0.14 ... So, when I use splot, I...
  30. D

    Differential equation in Derive and GNUPlot

    Hi! I am looking for some help using Derive. I have a differential equation, you can see it in the third image (I wanted to use LaTeX to render it but apparently I can't post LaTeX in this section of the forum). The value of lambda is given in the first image. I know the function...
  31. P

    Fort 77 and gnuplot iterative output jpegs

    Hello, I have currently written a Fortran 77 simulation program that I need to display graphically for each timestep. So far it calls the system to have gnuplot open an include file that has the gnuplot script to plot from my data files and produce a jpeg. What I would like to do is have it...
  32. A

    How to plot and save many data files in GNUPLOT, inside a loop in a SHELL SCRIPT

    Hi all I badly need some help... I plot a file output1.txt in the following way :: gnuplot> plot "output1.txt" using 1:2 with lines, \ plot "output1.txt" using 1:3 with lines BUT now I have many data files, output1.txt, output2.txt, output3.txt, ...,... ,output1000.txt I need to...
  33. A

    Mathematica Mathematica vs gnuplot vs matplotlib (efficency)

    Hi, I'm currently working on a C program where I have a huge 2d array that changes with time, so in the end, what I have is a 3d array (double 25*24000*100) in a plain text file (about 700MB). I tried to import with Mathematica7 as a "Table" but after a long time (about 15 minutes) the kernel...
  34. I

    Gnuplot problems (maybe wrong category)

    Hey, this might be the wrong place to ask this question but I have a few problems using gnuplot. The problem is that when using the epslatex terminal my labels on the axis dissapears. This is the code I am using set terminal latex or epslatex color or wxt set output "psifunc.tex" h =...
  35. V

    Change Y-Variable to Ln Y in Gnuplot: How-To Guide for Linear Graphing

    Is there an easy way to change your y-variable in Gnuplot to ln y without changing the source data file? I already tried "set log y" but that only changed the y-axis scale, not the actual y-values. Right now I'm plotting an exponential decay and I wanted to make it a linear graph (lny vs...
  36. M

    Can gnuplot create filled regions on one side of a parametric curve?

    Hi everybody, 1) It is possible to fill region somehow on one side of a parametric curve with gnuplot? 2) It is possible to do multiple parametric plots with the command "plot for [i=1:10] ..."? 3) How can display calligraphic fonts with gnuplot? 4) How can I use points which are larger than...
  37. L

    Combining Contour Plots in Gnuplot

    I'm trying to combine several contour plots together onto the same graph in gnuplot. I know that I can just do something along the lines of splot "file1.dat" u 1:2:3 w lines, "file2.dat" u 1:2:3 w lines set contour base set no surface set view 0,0 However, when I do that, the data from...
  38. S

    Need help plotting data points in GNUplot

    Homework Statement Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me plot data points I got in a lab experiment. I've been trying to plot points of data with Gnuplot but the error bars don't show up no matter what I do, below is the data list I am using as input, the first column is...
  39. A

    Why Does Gnuplot Freeze When Plotting on Ubuntu 9.10?

    Hi, I have a major problem with gnuplot, this is what happens: gnuplot> plot "results.data" using 1:2 with lines works fine, but when I want to make another plot like: gnuplot> plot "results.data" using 1:3 with lines the plot window freezes and when I try to close it says something...
  40. A

    Fortran How to Call Gnuplot from Fortran to Plot Data Points?

    hello. I have a fortran code that has data points as output. How do I get fortran to plot these data points using gnuplot? Is there a way to call the external program from within fortran? I am using fortran95, gfortran compiler. I'm on a windows machine, but I'm connected remotely to...
  41. A

    Sending Gnuplot Output Data to a Different Directory

    I have a simple question about Gnuplot: How do I send my output data to a different directory than my working (current) directory? I'd rather not have my input and output data in the same directory.
  42. D

    Can't get gnuplot to work on mac

    I've been trying for a bit to get gnuplot to run on my mac but it doesn't seem to work properly. I can get it to run but it doesn't seem to recognize x11 or aquaterm for some reason so I can't actually display and plots. When I type set term it brings up a list of available terms but neither of...
  43. N

    How do I plot step functions in gnuplot?

    Among the demos at the gnuplot website, I saw this - http://gnuplot.sourceforge.net/demo/steps.1.gnu, but it does not make much sense to me. :( Could someone tell me how to plot step functions from the command line, just like you would the usual functions? Specifically, I'd like to plot...
  44. W

    Gnuplot and adding function name to legend

    Hi, I've searched endlessly for an answer to this seemingly simple question, without success. I am fitting a lot of data and I am plotting the data and the fit on the same graph. I would like to have gnuplot automatically add the function (with the values determined by the fit) to the legend...
  45. P

    Plotting a Function in Gnuplot with Range: 0<z<3, -5<x<5, -5<y<5

    I want to plot in gnuplot the function , with the range being: 0<z<3 -5<x<5 -5<y<5 What is the command? Thanks in advance, fellows.
  46. G

    Piecewise functions in Maxima or GNUplot

    I managed to lay my grubby mitts on Maxima about a month ago (fantastic program), but having no prior knowledge of CAS software or programming I am stuggling trying to figure out how to draw piecewise defined functions either through maxima itself or the GNUplot command line window (I prefer the...
  47. N

    How Do I Get Started with Gnuplot on Windows XP?

    Hi All, I'm totally, competely and absolutely lost on how to use Gnuplot! I use Windows XP and I downloaded the zipped flie gnuplot-4.0.0.tar and unzipped it. (So, is the first step right? :confused: ) Now what do I next? I apologise for this apparently simple question, but I grew up in...
  48. D

    Plot a straight line, parallell to the y-axis in gnuplot?

    How do you plot a straight line, parallell to the y-axis in gnuplot? Something like: x = 20 ?
  49. H

    Creating Graphs with Gnuplot: Frequency of Range Values

    hi, i new to using the gnuplot program. I am trying to create a graph which will calculate the frequency for the range of values in a given column, and plot it as a histogram x-axis being range y-axis being frequency I have created it using excel...but couldn't not figure it out...
  50. G

    Display a cylindrical surface in 3D using gnuplot

    I'm just beginning to learn to use gnuplot & can't figure out how to display a cylindrical surface in 3D. Even a simple one like x2 + y2 = 1 Oh, and how about a vertical plane? Anybody know how to do this?