Gnuplot Definition and 4 Discussions

gnuplot is a command-line and GUI program that can generate two- and three-dimensional plots of functions, data, and data fits. The program runs on all major computers and operating systems (Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, macOS, FreeDOS, and many others).
It is a program with a fairly long history, dating back to 1986. Despite its name, this software is not part of the GNU Project.

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  1. Abhisheko07

    Maple GNUPLOT 'file1.dat 2nd column' vs 'file2.dat 1st column'

    How can I plot 'file1.dat 2nd column' vs 'file2.dat 1st column' in Gnuplot? If someone can help me with what code I need to write to do it, it will be very helpful.
  2. B

    How to format x axis to a smaller scale in Gnuplot?

    So here is what I'm trying to do. The values on x-axis are from 10000, 20000, 30000, ... 100000. I'm trying to write it like this: 10, 20, 30, 40, ... 100 (only x axis) But how do I do this? I've tried those two examples How to scale the axis in Gnuplot, How to scale the axes in Gnuplot but...
  3. X

    I Percentiles and quartiles in the same graph

    I don't know where to put this question. So, I am trying in this forum. I have this dataset [1] that contains the duration of an execution with an input size from 1.5GB to 6GB. This dataset also contains the percentile 5%, 95%, and the 1st and 3rd quartile. I am thinking in creating a gnuplot...
  4. D

    Gnuplot: How to plot a 2d colorplot of a 3d function

    Hello, I have a data file created by an C++ Programm which creates the lines of the data file by an operation inside an loop data3dRnd << gsl_vector_get(x,0) << ' ' << gsl_vector_get(x,1) << ' ' << my_f(x,par) << endl << endl; where the entries of the gsl_vector x are doubles and...