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Good Abstract?

  1. Dec 1, 2015 #1
    I am working on a research paper on the topic of the Josephson effect. We are to write this paper as if it were to be published like a scientific journal entry. My professor did not like my abstract. It was probably too much like an introduction. I have reworked it. Could you guys comment as to whether it is a good abstract or not?

    "When a two superconducting metals are placed in contact with a thin insulating layer, Cooper pairs are still able to tunnel across the junction. If a DC voltage is present, current is not able to pass through the junction as the average current density is zero over a very short period of time. However, when the voltage is zero, a supercurrent can flow up to an amount Ic determined by the properties of the superconductor. This is known as the D.C. Josephson effect. Moreover, if an A.C. voltage is applied to the junction at a certain frequency w=qV/hbar, the junction will conduct current at this frequency only as an analog to a resonant circuit. This is known as the A.C. Josephson effect. Lastly, two Josephson junctions can be connected in parallel. The wave functions of these different junctions interfere with each other as a macroscopic analog to Young’s two slit experiment."

    Chris Maness
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    Why aren't you asking your profesor whether this is a good abstract or not.

    Anyway, it is not clear from the abstract what the novel work you did actually is. Maybe it's clear to an expert of the field. But take into account that a lot of people will decide to read your paper based on the abstract. So you should detail what is novel, what it is about, what your conclusions are.
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    I did send him an email, he is terrible at responding to emails. The kicker is that it is not a real scientific paper. It is just like a book report, so there is nothing novel about it. However, I am afraid if I unpack it too much, it will be too long to be considered an abstract. Can this be done at its current length?

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