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Good books about Newtonian mathematics.

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    Any one recommend some good books about Newtonian maths, his theories etc, Calculus, Liebnitz ,whatever, or any entry level calculus books? I'm asking on behalf of a friend who wants to get back into maths, so it should be from an introductory level and up?

    I learnt mine from text books, that aren't widely available, ie their university material, so any help would be appreciated.
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    I don't think he meant for his friend to read Principia :biggrin: (which, of course, you can get by typing prin... into google).

    SD - does he want a popular maths book or a textbook?

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    He's trying to get back into maths so anything that helps him do that.
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    The book I recommended will do a good job in that respect, I believe. It's not very expensive and gives good insight on mathematics for people that have either forgotten it or feel weak in it.
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    OK thanks, already recommended to my pal. anything else anyone can think of feel happy to put it up :smile:
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