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C/++/# Good books on threading/processes?

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    I want to learn more about the hardware and OS-level details about how threads and processes work. Can anyone here direct me to some good reads?
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    You didn't specify which OS. From your previous posts, I think you are using Windows. Here are some links to more advanced books on that architecture.

    Advanced Windows, Jeffrey Richter - https://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Win...d=1491023124&sr=8-12&keywords=jeffrey+richter
    Windows Internals, 7th Ed., Yosifivitch and Ionescu, https://www.amazon.com/Windows-Inte...id=1491023124&sr=8-3&keywords=jeffrey+richter

    Windows Internals, Russinovich and Solomon, Part I - https://www.amazon.com/Windows-Inte...491023520&sr=1-3&keywords=windows+russinovich
    Ditto, Part II - https://www.amazon.com/Windows-Inte...491023520&sr=1-4&keywords=windows+russinovich
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