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Good calculus based intro physics text book

  1. Oct 26, 2009 #1
    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I'd like to know: What's a good physics text that uses calculus? I mean, not just uses calculus in the definitions of velocity and acceleration and whatnot, but uses it in almost all the problems? I find my current text, "Fundamentals of Physics" by Halliday & Resnick uses calculus only in definitions and a handful of problems. I thought calculus had a very deep relationship w/ physics, but I'm finding the ideas only have a cursory relationship, and that you could almost skirt around this issue if you use the discrete difference definitions. Suffice to say, most of the problems in the text book are just practices in algebra. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thank you for the recommendation. Just took a quick peek and it seems closer to the math style that I like, i.e. giving equations and their justifications, along with some side remarks, in lock-step.

    The problems I can't quite comment on, as they were a bit long, so I didn't get a chance to read through them, although I will.. I guess my main beef with the book I mentioned in the OP was that most of the values in the problems were constants or very simple linear functions. Only a few problems used functions which we needed mechanics of calculus to actually solve the questions, which, if I'm not mistaken, is where much of "real physics" is at, correct?
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