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  1. bigmike94

    How much of first year Intro physics do you remember?

    Summary: I am just curious I know 🧐 Im coming up the end of intro university physics mechanics chapters. It has been quite enjoyable, especially chapters on energy, momentum and fluid mechanics. There’s so much information packed into these chapters though. I am wondering what was your...
  2. mncyapntsi

    Intro Physics homework help - distance and velocity

    I have tried this problem over 4 times and keep getting the exact same answer, which is incorrect. Could someone please help by pointing out what I did wrong, or letting me know if I am actually on the completely wrong path? Thanks! Have a wonderful day :)
  3. warhammer

    Mean Free Path (Introductory Thermal Physics)

    We have the area of incandescence. Using that we can find the radius and subsequently the diameter. A=π* r^2 -----> r= 0.0025m so d=0.005m Using the formula (given by Clausius as we are not specified in question whether it's a Maxwellian distribution or not) Mean Free Path λ=...
  4. warhammer

    Question in Thermal Physics (Van der Waals' Equation)

    <Using the hint, I tried to find the van der Waal constants in molar form. Since STP is mentioned, I used the unitary method relationship- 22.4 L=22400cm^3=1 molar V <To find a possible conversion standard between cm^3 and mol; which turned out to be 1cm^3= 4.46*10^-5 mol. <Then I used the...
  5. E

    Restoring force on a ball connected to two rubber bands

    Hello there, I am wondering, in this solution, I guessed that the restoring force is given by that equation in the problem because the vertical component of the force acting on the ball is -2Tsin(x). since sin(x) = y/L with L being the hypotenuse part of the triangle formed by displacing the...
  6. momoneedsphysicshelp

    Finding Angular Velocity in Rotational Motion Problems

    53 rpm equals 5.55 rad/sec multiply 5.55 by 2pi to get angular velocity of 34.8717 Is the answer 34.8717? What should I have done to more accurately solve the problem with a better understanding? What other steps should I take when solving similar problems? and lastly, Is the mass relevant...
  7. warhammer

    Question on Moment of Inertia Tensor of a Rotating Rigid Body

    Hi. So I was asked the following question whose picture is attached below along with my attempt at the solution. Now my doubt is, since the question refers to the whole system comprising of these thin rigid body 'mini systems', should the Principle moments of Inertia about the respective axes...
  8. E

    Buoyant Force and Archimedes' Principle

    Hello there, I have a quite different approach on answering the part c and d of this problem. Can you guys help me to see if my method is acceptable or logical? (I got the same answers as the back of the textbook, however my methods differ from the solutions manual). Here is my answer/attempt at...
  9. E

    Conservation of Energy Problem (Power)

    Hello there, I was trying to solve this problem. I have no problem with part A and C. But in part B, my guidebook arrived with different answer. Can anybody point out what my mistake is? I am using the same method as the elevator motor problem which states : "A 650-kg elevator starts from rest...
  10. E

    B What is Energy? A Clear Definition and Explanation

    Hello there, I have heard countless times about the word energy, but I still don't know what exactly an energy is. Like for example, we know the definition of a physical quantity called velocity which by definition is change in displacement (so we can easily describe what a velocity is). We...
  11. B

    Direction of acceleration of a projectile with drag force

    First and foremost, thank you so much for your help! I'm new to Physics Forums, and this is my first post. I thought I understood the problem, but as I moved on to the subsequent parts of it became apparent that I was missing something. I set up my ##F = ma## equation as below, and solved that...
  12. C

    Pushing a stalled car out of an intersection

    Hints given: -Start with free body diagram. Use the relationship between impulse and momentum to find the final velocity of the car after he has pushed for time t. -Use a kinematic equation to relate the final velocity and time to the distance traveled. -What is his initial velocity? My...
  13. B

    Intro Physics Calculus based intro physics textbook recommendations?

    Hi, I'm a first year physics student who still hasn't found a textbook for his class. Our professor mentioned that any calculus based book is okay, but I can't seem to find anything! He suggested Halliday and Resnick's Fundamentals of Physics (extended edition), and although it covers the...
  14. J

    Schools Comparing AP Physics C to College Intro Physics Courses

    To the people who took AP Physics C in high school and then took the introductory Calc-based physics sequence in college; how does Physics C compare to the Intro Sequence?
  15. klocke

    What is the Connection Between Space and Time in Physics?

    #hey fam I'm K L O C K E from 'somewhere in da' wrld I'mma space n time obsessed person So yes I'mma undergrad stu My major is Physics DM me anytime , always here
  16. astroman707

    Intro Physics Suggested outline/syllabus for Feynman lectures?

    I just finished the intro physics sequence at my college, and I wanted to work through the Feyman lecture Vol.1, with the workbook, over the summer. Does anyone know of any sample curriculum used for this book? Or perhaps, knows a good way to work through the book?
  17. astroman707

    Studying What's the best way to apply the concepts learned in physics 2?

    I'm finishing up physics 2(intro E&M) at my college, and I'd like to apply the concepts I learned in it over the summer. I was considering working through an electronics book, or building a radio, etc. What kind of projects or books do you recommend to cement some of the topics I learned in a...
  18. astroman707

    Studying What books are good to learn the math in intro physics?

    I'm struggling with the math used in my college's calc-based honors physics class, even though I've taken calculus 1. ---What are some good books/resources to learn the math used in introductory physics?--- Preferably, it'd be nice if the math was taught using examples in physics. Having that...
  19. astroman707

    Courses Is it okay to not understand the calculus in intro physics?

    I don't understand a good portion of the non-algebraic math behind much of the physics in my first semester college class. I understand everything with algebra, and can solve all problems, but I don't understand the relationships with vector cross/dot products, calculus derivations, DE, etc...
  20. astroman707

    Studying Good resources to help with hard physics classes?

    I'm having quite a bit of difficulty in my college's intro honors, calc-based physics class. I want to find some good resources, either online or text, to assist with learning the material. The issue I'm having is that most resources I find are either not in depth enough, or they're just as...
  21. astroman707

    How to get better at theoretical homework problems

    I’m having lots of trouble in my honors physics class with the theoretical homework problems that are assigned. The entire concept of learning to solve things theoretically, and then applying it is brand new to me. I’m decent at figuring out the applied problems, but pure theory stumps me. I...
  22. C

    Create the free-body diagram for the scenario below.

    Homework Statement A Mercedes-Benz 300SL (m = 1700 kg) is parked on a road that rises 15 degrees above the horizontal. What are the magnitudes of (a) the normal force and (b) the static frictional force that the ground exerts on the tires? Important: Assume that the road is higher up to the...
  23. astroman707

    Other Any physicists that struggled with intro physics?

    I’m 3 weeks into my first physics class at college; honors physics 1. I really want to major in physics because it’s really interesting, but I’m finding the class very difficult. Trying to solve the textbook problems and follow the professor’s train of thought is very tough, which is frankly...
  24. E

    Intro Physics Level of Math Required for Young’s University Physics

    I am a high school student who is planning to start Young and Freedman’s University Physics out of personal interest. However, I am not sure what level of math is required for the book. I haven’t learned Calculus yet, so I’m planning to study Strang’s Calculus alongside Young’s University...
  25. Irfan Nafi

    Conceptual Equipotential Surfaces Problems

    Homework Statement True or False: 1.Equipotential surfaces intersect: 2.Electric field lines are found within equipotential surfaces: Homework Equations E=Vd The Attempt at a Solution 1. I think this is false since the same reasoning describes why electric field lines don't intersect 2. I'm...
  26. A

    Other A good general intro physics book or a book for each physics subject?

    Many have recommended me Resnick for intro physics book, however I already have Kleppner for mechanics, so should I continue just getting a book for thermodynamics and then for EM when I need them or should I get sth like Halliday Resnick? I have noticed, that separate books per subject tend to...
  27. A

    Calculating the Force Needed to Push a Sofa Up an Inclined Plane

    Homework Statement Suppose you needed to push a 1,500-N sofa up a frictionless ramp with a 30° angle. How much force would you have to apply to the sofa? Homework Equations f=ma The Attempt at a Solution I know that to find force you need to use the equation f=ma but I am not sure how I...
  28. A

    Possible variables for Coulombs Law?

    COULOMBS LAW F= K Q1 Q2 / R2 How would I solve for Q1 and Q2?
  29. N

    Calculating Internal Energy & Temperature Change of Ideal Gas

    Homework Statement What is the change in internal energy (in Joules) of an ideal gas that does 4.675x10^5J of work, while 2.95x10^6J of heat is transferred into the system and 7.95x10^6J of heat is transferred from the system to the environment? Calculate the change in temperature of the two...
  30. S

    Intro Physics projectile problem: Archer fish and grasshopper

    HOMEWORK SUBMITTED IN WRONG FORUM, SO NO TEMPLATE I uploaded an image of the problem, it seems to be fairly straight forward. However, my textbook indicates the answer as being 6 m/s, I am consistently getting 3 m/s. Any help would be appreciated! Because there is no air resistance, the...
  31. A

    Kinematics: falling stone question

    Homework Statement While standing at the edge of the roof of a building, you throw a stone upward with an initial speed of 6.91 m/s. The stone subsequently falls to the ground, which is 16.5 m below the point where the stone leaves your hand. At what speed does the stone impact the ground? How...
  32. V

    Intro Physics The Final Verdict on the Feynman Lectures?

    Hello guys. I've seen a lot of differing opinions on this site. I'm a middle schooler with a decent understanding of basic calculus, trig, and algebra. I want to learn physics, and am wondering if The Feynman Lectures supplemented with problems from Irodov and some of Walter Lewin's lectures...
  33. (Ron)^2=-1

    Two masses attached by a rod orbiting around the Earth

    Hello guys! I hope you can give me a hand with this one Homework Statement A satellite consisting of two masses attached by a rigid-massless rod of length L, are orbiting around the Earth at a distance R from the centre of the earth. During the entire movement the rod stays oriented in the...
  34. L

    Intro Physics Which book is better for physics: Young or Tipler?

    I'm looking for a university physics book that is comprised of excellent pedagogical exposition and is very comprehensive.I've considered these two candidates: 1. Tipler 2. Young/FreedmanWhat do you suggest?
  35. T

    Classical Best intro physics (electricity and magnetism) for freshman

    I took a college physics course (Mechanics) at a CC, and my physics prof was notoriously known to be one of the best... many of the students transferred to Berkeley and say that he is one of the best they have taken. He said that his two favorite book are: Halliday Resnik: Fundamentals of...
  36. C

    Intro Physics Alternative physics intro books to Young and Halliday?

    Hi I know eveyone buys Young University physics, and i think it's great for easy problem solving, a bit wordy but quite clear, however I like books that give a bit more insight into the reasoning and mathematical development and/or derivations of the theories, instead of just telling you "this...
  37. Summer95

    Force Components, Friction, etc. Check my work?

    Could someone credible please check my work on this one? Homework Statement This problem is "pulling a sled up a slope" All relevant data is in the picture. I wanted to find FP (The force one has to pull to start the sled moving up with slope). mass = 26.0kg μs = 0.096 slope of hill = 12...
  38. K

    Intro physics question involving magnitudes and vectors

    You’re hanging from a chinning bar, with your ;arms at right angles to each other. The magnitudes of the forces exerted by both your arms are the same, and together they exert just enough upward force to support your weight, 620 N. (a) Sketch the two force vectors for your arms, along with their...
  39. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights So I Am Your Intro Physics Instructor - Comments

    Author: ZapperZ https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/intro-physics-instructor/
  40. D

    Intro physics proportion question

    Homework Statement The radius of a proton is roughly 10^-15m, while the radius of a hydrogen atom is about 0.5x10^-10m. If we were to enlarge both proportionally until the proton was as large as a marble, about how large would the atom be? Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  41. S

    Alternatives to Intro Physics Physics for Scientists -Jewett

    Alternatives to "Intro Physics Physics for Scientists"--Jewett My community college Calculus/Physics course is going to use this textbook (Intro Physics for Scientists and Engineers). Does anyone have any better textbooks to learn from, either plainly better in the sense that is explains...
  42. QuantumCurt

    How important is basic geometry for intro physics?

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some input on this question. I'm starting up an algebra based general physics sequence this fall, and I'm wondering how important basic geometry is going to be for it. I've never actually taken geometry, but I've done a decent amount of self study. I went...
  43. R

    Programs Math major to take intro physics: calculus or non-calculus based?

    I'm about to take vector analysis and abstract algebra, so I'm pretty far along in my undergrad math program (passed Calc III, DE II, LA, and Transition to Higher Math). Realistically I could finish off the core math requirements in one year for my B.A. However, I want to expand and take some...
  44. M

    To take Intro physics class or not to take intro physics class

    Hi, fellas, I am back again with more questions.:smile: Those who've seen my posts here might recall that I have never been exposed to physics ever before, and now majoring in Chem E, I'll be taking loads of it. I've delayed taking the physics 1 until spring next year because it's calc based...
  45. V

    How Many People Can an Elevator Hold Without Breaking the Cable?

    Homework Statement 1) An elevator cable can withstand a maximum tension of 19,500N before breaking. The elevator has a mass of 490 kg and a maximum acceleration of 2.24 m/s2. Engineering safety standards require that the cable tension never exceed two-thirds of the breaking tension. How may...
  46. F

    What are some good introductory physics textbooks and teaching strategies?

    Hello everyone, I just graduated from college, but I never took introductory physics. Of course, this lead to some "interesting" situations (learning about friction and torque in classical mechanics, for instance). Since I'm going to graduate school, I'm purchasing textbooks, but I have...
  47. P

    Why is intro physics difficult for me?

    By intro physics I mean calculus based Physics I (Newtonian physics). I'm a freshman planning on majoring in CS and this is my first semester in college. I'm doing well in all my other courses, all A's (calc, intro to CS, others)... but physics, man. I'm not kidding when I say, with a 5...
  48. M

    Schools College Physics - Intro Physics for majors

    College Physics -- Intro Physics for majors So, I'm taking College Physics and were using...College Physics(strategic approach) by Knight, volume I. My approach to getting an A in the course is to study 3 times as many as the assigned homework problems(Only about 12 a week!), chew through...
  49. M

    Intro physics - how many exercises do you do?

    Intro physics - seeking some help/opinions I'm studying for some upcoming exams. I feel like I've been able to grasp the material but at the same time, there's this voice in my head which keeps nagging me because I haven't done every question the book (and some more from other books). At some...