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Good evening

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    Good evening, I'm Richard, 16, preparing for the AP physics examination.
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    Welcome to PF! Good luck!
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    Do not ever allow anyone to stifle your ability to "rock the boat" because most people who do not understand something don't want their status to be altered, especially by something new that is beyond what they already fail to comprehend! Best wishes for your future.
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    Thank you! ^^
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    I am older and was able to accomplish work duties that I never would have truly dreamed I could reach. Looking back to my youth, I just wished I had dreamed larger. I found that I was actually limited, in many cases, simply by how big that dream was for me to reach out and grab onto. While I have done quite a bit, if I had believed bigger and sooner, I could have done more. I hope you do not have to say that when you are my age!
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    I'm a failure already ^^ Um I want to ask a problem but I'm afraid that replies will take too long :( and I need help urgently. What should I do?
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    I only got into this site today, so I won't be much help. BTW, how can you already be a failure at age 16 when you are taking AP physics?
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    I'm a failure compared to the other kids. Have you heard about the JEE exam held in India?
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    If it's a schoolwork question, please start a new thread in the Homework Help forums, and fill out the Homework Help Template that you are provided there. That includes listing the Relevant Equations, and showing your Attempt at a Solution.

    This part of the forum is for New Member Introductions only. If you have questions about schools, which courses to take, etc., please start a new thread in the Academic Guidance forum. Thank you.
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