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Good news, everyone!

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    Hi, my name is Nathaniel. I've been a science fiction/fantasy fan for a very long time, and I enjoy imagining and speculating about scientific theories and possibilities.

    I have no professional background in mathematics or astrophysics (I can almost hear you crying "God! Not another one!" :rolleyes:). In fact, I have more experience juggling dice and playing tabletop RPGs, ha. Aside from an intuitive comprehension of statistical analysis, that wouldn't do me much good here.

    I joined this forum since I had a peculiar idea/concept that I'm not sure has been addressed, and was curious about peoples' insights into its feasibility/impracticality. I'll put forth my naive question in an appropriate thread rather than elaborating on it here.

    Depending on the activity and responses, and how interesting subjects in your forum is, I might stick around! In the meantime, I'll try to have some fun and hopefully not give you too many migraines.
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    I'm afraid I don't understand. What is "generally accepted" science? Naturally I can understand that alot of the vagaries of philosophy and semantics of religion wouldn't be welcome here. Do you mean that all fringe science is taboo?
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    We're primarily an education community so we stick with mainstream science.
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    Ah I see. Well, sorry for wasting your time, then. I hope that you reconsider this stance in the future. I'm sure managing the crackpots and cranks must be very tedious, but many I'm sure are well-meaning and enthusiastic about science, if misinformed. I feel like that enthusiasm is a wasted resource for community involvement, since many of science's greatest achievements were originally conceived as little more than speculative fiction. Thanks for the polite, informative and timely responses to my questions. Good luck with managing your community. Farewell!
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    We tried in the past and it didn't work out

    Thanks, you too!
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