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Good resources for integrals in Four-Space?

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    I've been looking for some good resources on integrals in four-space (SR and GR), and hope someone can suggest some! I'm not too interested in abstract mathematical formalisms to the extent of pure math though, I must keep in mind that this is all to do with physics (at least for me!).

    I know there are 4 kinds of integrals one can do in four-space:

    (1) Integrate a line element, ie. a curve.
    (2) Surface integral on a 2-D surface.
    (3) Integral on a 3-D hypersurface.
    (4) 4-D volume integral.

    Landau-Lifgarbagez gives a brief intro in their field theory book but I'd like to clear some things up instead of just having formulae presented to me.

    Any suggestions???

    Cheers guys!!
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    Could anyone even tell me what area of math these fall under? Including such things as generalizations of Stokes and Gauss' theorems to hifger dimensions.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    You should read about differential forms, but you have voiced a non-interest in "mathematical formalism", so you may well be stuck.
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    George Jones

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    For general relativity, I think some of what you want is in sections 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 from Eric Poisson's notes,


    which evolved into the excellent book, A Relativist's Toolkit: The Mathematics of black hole Mechanics.
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