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Goodbye from Bob600

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    I raise this thread to apologize for my lack of understanding of what this forum is about and move on. I made an uninformed post before I read the rules, which I accept should have done earlier. It seems that this forum is dedicated to the discussion of mainstream science, text books stuff etc. which we all know a huge percentage of will be proven wrong in the coming years, including most of your posts. I am told it is also not here to address philosophical questions, which I find strange as its philosophical questions that are, and were, the basis of all scientific research. Still I can understand that this forum wishes to remain on the safe grounds of the mainstream, but just bare in mind that the lesson from the past is that the mainstream usually becomes the outdated and bizarre in time. Naturally that won't happen with current science, but then they all said that.
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    Thanks for stopping by :)
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    Newtonian physics although an estimation is still here, and seems like it will be here for a very long time! It is the very basis in which all of us first started in physics and should not be discredited.
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