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Grad school options?

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    what are the chances for getting into a good computer science grad program for a math major (who's finished the first two years of graduate math courses) but who's only taken two computer science courses (software development and problem-solving using haskell).
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    It depends on the school, you need to talk to admissions people. The fields overlap enough that some places may take you in, but they'll probably require you to take some undergrad compsci courses to catch up.
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    wat about for masters programs
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    Same deal.

    If you've only had two comp sci courses (and no intro to comp sci), you're probably really unprepared, but some schools may consider you 'cause the math means you're probably fine on the theory/math heavy courses. Talk to schools and sort it out. Worst case scenario, consider doing a 2nd bachelors in comp sci (probably a year or two).
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