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Grad school question - GPA, deadlines, etc LOTS OF FUN STUFF

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    Grad school question - GPA, deadlines, etc... LOTS OF FUN STUFF!!!

    I have one year left of school. Soon, I will be applying to grad school. My first ~1 year of school I did not do very well. I was at that time a Computer Science student, and I really just hated my classes, the math, physics, etc... Something changed, and I soon found that I loved the few engineering classes that I took. I switched majors to EE, and my grades have done well ever since.

    However, some of those CompSci classes share requirements of the EE department. Since I did horrible as a CS student, those classes still follow me in the EE department :( They haunt me !

    As it is, I currently have a 3.17 cumulative GPA. If I only look at the last ~60 hours (not exactly 60 as it includes the semester (a bad one) that allows for >=60 hours to be taken), then I have a 3.41 GPA. If I go back the last 55 hours (this takes away the one bad semester) I have a 3.67 GPA.

    Is it typically the case that graduate schools ONLY factor the last 60 hours into what they consider the GPA? The school I currently go to does this (a state school). I was relieved to see this, but would love if someone could further clarify on what this means.

    Also, when should I apply to grad school for Fall 2008? A lot of schools I am looking at have a rolling deadline. I would imagine the sooner I get it in the better. Here is my dilemma though.

    If I can wait it out one more semester (i.e. take Fall 2007 courses), this would give me one more semester to get my grades up. This would also effectively bump away that one bad semester I mentioned. If I just assume that grad schools look at the last 60 hours, then this is what it breaks down to.

    1) Apply BEFORE Fall 2007 semester is over. GPA (last 60 hours) -> 3.41 GPA
    2) Apply AFTER Fall 2007 semester is over. GPA (last 60 hours) -> 3.67 + average of GPA for Fall 2007

    Other notes:
    - I have ZERO research experience :(
    - I have a very demanding internship (not a big named company, but we deal with Boeing, Honeywell, and GE Aviation (formerly Smiths Aerospace) on a regular basis - it is an outsource company)
    - I could definitely get some recommendations from at least two professors who know me decently (I know them better than just getting an A in their class)

    Thanks so much!
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    This is usually the case, but you should definitely discuss your bad semester, and highlight to them the points you made to us.
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