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Graduate School (Masters in Math) Question

  1. Feb 27, 2007 #1
    Here is my situation;

    I am currently in my 3rd year.

    My first term, I had an A+ A A- and B+ in all my math courses (real analysis, advanced diff, stocastic, and modelling)

    Those are okay grades, not bad.

    This term, I have all math courses again (4th year real analysis, complex analysis, problem solving and 2nd numerical linear algebra)

    This term isn't going so well :confused:

    I got a my numerical linear algebra test back and --- FAIL .

    What to grad schools look at? I mean, how do they look at your grades?

    Do they look at it individually or cumulative GPA or what?

    Im expecting my marks to go down the drain this year (probably a B- avg.)

    I would like info on how exactly grad schools read you transcript please :smile:
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    by the way, i never like linear algebra...i allways hated it..its awefull.

    I only took it because it was an Applied Mathematics Specialization requirement.
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    Almost no matter what your grades are (within reason!), there will likely be a school somewhere that would accept you. One semester at a B- average isn't bad. Just put in a good effort so that the downward trend doesn't continue and you should be fine. Schools look at more than just grades. TRENDS in grades, research, extra curriculars and recommendation letters are some that come to mind.

    Try to find out why you didn't do as well as you liked. If you can figure that out, not only would it improve your grades, but it would be something you can talk about in your essay if you have to write one for the schools you apply for.

    Good luck
  5. Feb 28, 2007 #4
    At least in my case, the general trend was the important thing. I had pretty bad grades the first year but by the last year I had top marks only, this made it very easy to get in to a top graduate school (in Sweden). Also, grades in relevant subjects seems more important than average grade, at least over here.
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