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Programs Graphene Research Groups (PhDs, UK)

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    I am currently looking at what research groups to apply to for starting a PhD next year, is there anywhere particularly good that I am missing out? I did my Masters in Theoretical Physics but I am actually leaning more towards a mixture of both experimental and theory at this stage, I did do some labs in undergrad and also did an internship at a nanotech lab so hopefully thats not too unrealistic :)

    I'm not in academia at the moment so I don't have many people to ask about this, I've been looking at ESPRC graphene funding as my only real source.

    So far my list is-

    Manchester (obviously ;) )
    Exeter/Bath Graphene Center
    St Andrews Condensed Matter DTC
    Leeds/Notts/Sheffield seem to have small groups but I dont know anything much about them

    There are obviously more groups out there and I'm hoping theres someone in CM research or similar who might be able to point me in the direction of some cool groups!
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    Can anyone recommend some good schools? :)
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    Currently at Loughborough where there is a team of about 12 people working on various Graphene related projects. Prof Feo (F V) Kusmartsev is head of the physics dept and specialises in Graphene.
    e-mail: f.kusmartsev@lboro.ac.uk

    hope that helps
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