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Gravitating towards gravity

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    Not sure whether this post should be in the relativity forum. However a few years down the line it could be in-between relativity and QM.

    What is the process of creation of gravity?

    How does gravity effect two quantum entangled photons?....say when one of them passes through a bend in space-time....like the one that surrounds the earth.

    Mass bends space-time. What does space-time bend in? Is there still a straight line (that would be without gravity) when space time is bent?

    Can a hole/tear be created in space-time?

    Which things are unaffected by gravity?

    What is the effect of gravity on gyroscopes?
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    Simon Bridge

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    That's a very wide range of questions - a great deal has been written on all of them.

    What have you done to attempt to discover the answers.

    Note: gravity is currently best understood in terms of general relativity.
    You have not asked anything that remotely approaches quantum gravity.

    1. it is not something that gets created as such - it is just there, and is strongly related to energy densities.

    2. what we mean by the curvature of space time is well defined in GR - think of it as a metaphor: in GR, "space-time" is not thought of as bending inside some higher-order meta-volume. The word is used to describe the kind of maths you get.

    3. Define "hole" or "tear". If you are thinking in terms of tearing a fabric then: no.

    4. Nothing known.

    5. Same as on anything else.

    If you are just starting out then try:
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