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Gravitational intraction of quantum level and consequences thereof

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    Parity no conservation in the  decay processes is considered as fundamental property of weak interactions. Nevertheless, this property can be treated as anomaly, because in fundamental interactions of the rest types parity is conserved. Analogously, anomaly in the short-duration strong-current pulse discharges is well known. The essence of this phenomenon consists in generation of local high-temperature plasma formations with the typical values of its thermo dynamical parameters exceeding those related to the central section of a discharge. In this paper, an attempt is undertaken to treat these anomalies as manifestation of fundamental properties of gravitational emission. Some consequences of this assumption can be tested in the  decay experiments as well as in the experiments with short-duration z-pinch-type pulse discharges.
    The notion of gravitational emission as an emission of the same level with electromagnetic emission is based on the proven fact of existence of electron’s stationary states in its own gravitational field, characterized by gravitational constant K=1042G (G – Newton’s gravitational constant).
    PACS 1999 – 04.90.+e, 52.55.Ez, 23.40.-s.
    Keywords: gravity, electron, spectrum, discharge, fusion

    The full version of the article you can find here:
    http://arxiv.org/physics.gen-ph/0809.4855 [Broken]
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