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Gravitational polarity, called antigravity

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    Hello I would like to speak to you about the gravitational polarity, planet by planet.

    An old theory of India tells that the Moon was ejected from red spot of Jupiter… This theory is could all change. The author Jules Verne really knew that...

    It would be interesting to test the gravitational polrity (antigravity) with the meteorite ALH84001, which came from Mars. Here is the experiment: take a piece of this meteorite, break it in three parts. Then, weigh them together and note the result.

    Lastly, separately weigh each piece one by one and add the three results. You will see that they weigh less when they are together at the same place, rather than when the addition of the three pieces is carried out.

    Morality: more one “foreign” element is present on the Earth, at the same place, more it has a “will” to take off…

    That is the natural antigravity

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    I'm sorry, but this is a physics forum and that post doesn't have anything to do with physics. There is no concept in physics that resembles what you are discussing there.
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