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A Gravitational Radiation Of Object In Forced Circular Motion.

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    I am curious as to the formula for radiative power due to a single object in forced circular motion.

    In particular, I am interested in the power of gravitational radiation for volumetric invariant mass densities for both the low density Newtonian limit and the high density general relativistic limit for the above scenario.

    Additionally, I am interested in the power formulas for the above scenarios for which the object would undergo forced circular motion with a tangential velocity near the speed of light.
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    I've seen some discussion and formulas for a pair of objects rotating around a common center. The problem with a single body in forced circular motion is that the motion doesn't describe a physical situation with a conserved momentum. This is a definite problem in the general non-linear theory, it might be solvable in the linearized approximation. Regardless, the information I have is for a pair of bodies, in which the dipole moment vanishes due to the conservation of momentum, and the only gravitational radiation is due to fairly high order derivative of the quadrupole moment.

    See for instance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_wave, and perhaps http://www.tapir.caltech.edu/~teviet/Waves/gwave_details.html (I haven't read the later site closely).
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    Thanks for the info pervect. I am going to check out those two sites today.
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