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Gravity speed and force of impact

  1. Apr 28, 2008 #1
    Ok, lets say we have a bowling ball or a round weight of 10 pounds and have it roll down hill on a half tube that is 5 ft long with a 45 degree slope and at the end of the tube there is a stopping point or catching point. At the end where the ball stops a small portion of the tube can slide forward on bearings. The small portion of the tube can slide forward by gravity but is held in place by 40 pounds of pressure held by a 1 inch bar laying on the edge of the tube.

    Question: Can the impact of the 10 pound ball slide the tube forward with 40 pounds of pressure applied to the edge of the tube? If so, will it slide forward enough to release the 40 pounds of pressure if slide forward 1 1/2 inch's ?
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    I suppose you mean 40 pounds of force? 40 pounds of pressure makes no sense, as no area is specified anywhere.

    if the bowling ball is rolling when it gets to the catching poing, there will only be a small rolling resistance, that won't move the lowest section for sure.
    Even if the ball is still sliding, I think you can drag a bowling ball across a smooth surface with a 40 pound force. On a slope the normal force and thus the sliding friction will be even less.

    (for me a pound is a unit of mass of 0.5 kg, only to be used for ordering vegetables or cheese in a shop or weighing babies, so I hope I'm not misusing it)
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    The 10 lbs ball is rolling down hill and will stop upon impact at the end of the tube. Lets say 1 inch wide bar laying on 1/4 thick part of the half tube with 40 lbs of force holding the end of the tube from rolling downhill by way of gravity on ball bearings. Kamerling you believe the 10 lbs of dropping or rolling weight will not slide the small portion of the tube forward. Is that what you are telling me?
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