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In summary, I have seen a number of great series about women lately. Some of my favorites include The Queens Gambit, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Orange is the New Black.
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Jarvis323 said:
I think it would be a pretty different show if half of it wasn't about a scientist with advanced tech that is able to monitor near death experiences trying to prove the afterlife.
I sort of have to agree with @Ivan Seeking insofar as the ambiguous nature of what was actually discovered in the OA.

Yes, it's true whatever was discovered was done so by a scientist with advanced tech, monitoring near death experiences, trying to prove the afterlife. But as the series progresses, the scientist's hypothesis is proven wrong. Whatever was discovered was not the afterlife -- at least not an afterlife of a traditionally believed nature. It was something else. Something different. What exactly it is isn't clear.

So yeah, there's science in the show. But the "science" part is debunked, at least a little, as part of the plot. So is that still science fiction? Maybe, but not necessarily certainly.

It would seem that what was actually discovered was some sort of proof of an Everttian interpretation of quantum mechanics (QM). But was it? The show could have done some hand-waving along those lines bringing it solidly back into the realm of science fiction. But they didn't actually do any invocation of QM. Well, not yet anyway.

So I guess we'll see, if there's another season.
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I loved 95% of it! It is one of my favorite series by far. But they started losing me at the end. The robots were stupid. But I guess that is just because they violated my interpretation that it has to be a person for the mystical stuff to work. LOL!

My god machines will even replace us in the afterlife!
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Have we mentioned Young Sheldon? I like that show! :oldlaugh:
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Not to be forgotten...

SYNOPSIS: “Mindwalk,” like “My Dinner with Andre,” is a dialogue-driven film, which explores basic philosophical questions. In this case, the principal subject is holistic vs. atomistic ways of viewing the world. The film was directed by Austiran-born Bernt Capra, a Hollywood production designer. He also wrote the story behind the film, which he adapted from the popular book The Turning Point (1983) by his brother Fritjof Capra, noted physicist and environmentalist...

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